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Monzesi lines Viotto RO

RO - horizontal double disc grinders
The main features of the Viotto double disc grinders, i.e. their stable and reliable design and their high precision, are the starting points for the creation of new model RO. These models have been completely redesigned from both technological and aesthetical standpoints. The model RO can show many important innovations:
Electrospindle technology for grinding wheels and dressing system. Designed entirely by Monzesi for the disc grinding applications to grant stable, precise, and highly reliable operations during processing.
All the axes are activated by brushless servo motors and precision ball screws.
New machine bed design which makes the machines more ergonomic.
Universal Dressing system redesigned in order to meet any requirement. We can use a fixed head with diamonds, a rotating spindle with electroplated wheel or with conventional abrasive.
Considerably simplified set-up of the machine through a new intuitive software and CNC controlled guideplates.
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