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5-axes milling machining centers "Dobrynya-350"

5-axes machining centers DOUBRYNA You # nbsp; can purchase with # nbsp; the ability to simultaneously interpolate by # nbsp; three, four, or five axes, which allows # nbsp; # # nbsp; # nbsp; , or to obtain a unique processing center for its complex profile parts such as turbine blades or curved reflectors.

Delivery time: 5 months.
Terms of payment:
40% - prepayment,
40% - on fact of machine readiness,
20% - after commissioning works in for 5 days.

Country of origin: Russia.
Warranty on the machine: 1 year.
You can buy at Leasing at 0% per annum.
The offer is valid for 1 month from the date of issue.
Price with VAT (Rub)
7 186 560.00

* The price is indicated on the equipment as standard.

Manufacturer - LLC INTERMASH, Russia, Lipetsk

Workpiece parameters
Tool magazine
Machine dimensions and other parameters

CNC Fanuc 0i MD 5,
3-axes simultaneous interpolation (3+2);
Tilt rotary table; Cooling of the electrical cabinet;
Cabinet-type protection of the working area;
Automatic lubrication of guides;
Coolant gun;
Signal tricolor lamp;
Spindle thermal stabilization system;
Rigid tapping function;
User's manual in Russian;
Delivery to the buyer;
Commissioning and training of personnel.


FANUC 315-axes interpolation;
HEIDENHAIN 6204+1- axes interpolation;
HEIDENHAIN 6205 - axes interpolation;
SIEMENS 8405 - axes interpolation;
Through Spindle Cooling20 bar;
Through Spindle Cooling70 bar;
Measuring head for the workpiece position correction;
Tool magazine for 32 tools- automatic manipulator;
Tool magazine for 40 tools– track-type;
Sensor for measuring tools with cable;
Infrared sensor for measuring tools;
Software for automatic sensor control;
Setof 12 pcs. BT40shank adaptors;
Chip conveyor;
The main motor with increased power.
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