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Exhibition "Metalworking-2018"

Participants of the exhibition - 1042 companies from 33 countries of the world These are leading Russian and foreign manufacturers and suppliers of metalworking equipment, tools, tools, measuring and automation products, components, services, repair and upgrade services.

Subjects of the exhibition:

1. Comprehensive technologies based on high-performance equipment, tools and tools for the technical re-equipment of enterprises
1.1. Metal-cutting equipment
1.2. Forging and pressing equipment
1.3. Foundry equipment
1.4. welding equipment
1.5. Equipment, tools, materials, technologies for surface treatment and coating
1.6. Metal-cutting tools
1.7. Control and measuring machines, instruments and tools
2. Components and components, technological equipment, software, operational materials
3. Repair and modernization of process equipment, spare parts, services
4. Development of modern information CALS-technologies in the real sector of the economy
4.1. Scientific and technical projects, technological and engineering developments, production management
5. Modern materials for metalworking
6. Scientific and technical literature and information. Advertising in metal working
7. Subcontracting. Investment and innovation projects
8. Science, profile education and production

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