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Magnetic Chuck

Magnetic chuck is designed for clamping of small to large metal workpieces on rectangular worktables during dry and wet surface grinding.
A chuck consists of fixed and live blocks of neodymium magnets, placed in housing.

Pole distance 2 (0,5+1,5)

Pole distance 4 (1+3)


• No need in power supply
• Stable technical parameters during the whole
operating life
• Even distribution of attractive force upon the
chuck surface
• Sizes from 125x800 to 320x1000mm

Small pole magnetic plates Features:

• Cross pole pattern
• 3 mm wide poles are made of steel, 1 mm wide
gaps between the poles are lled with latten brass
(non-magnetic material).
• Ideal for very small workpieces due to small
distance between the poles.
• Min. attractive force is 60N/cm2.
• Transportation eyebolts (for plates withweight of
25 kgs and more).
• Clamping plate for additional workpiece fixation.
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