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A new opportunity is the INTERMASH FINANCE program

Leasing is the most common type of enterprise financing, which gives you a real opportunity to use the most modern and high-quality equipment in production. With the help of leasing, you can already today purchase equipment that your competitors can only buy tomorrow.

Machines for leasing are advantageous

We offer maximum efficiency, transparency and tax advantages of the leasing scheme for acquiring industrial equipment.

Buying equipment under the program "INTERMASH Finance" you carry out a minimum investment of own funds, get external financing even in the absence of credit history and have the opportunity to purchase several units of industrial equipment at a time. And most importantly - you do not overpay, as the cost of equipment is 0% per annum.

Machines in leasing - it's easy

Acquiring INTERMASH processing centers under the special program "INTERMASH Finance" simply consists of a three-sided contract of sale.

The general partner of the program "INTERMASH FINANCE" is the leasing company "Siemens Finance", offering small and medium-sized businesses not only investment services based on international experience, but also the support of qualified specialists. In Russia, Siemens Finance has successfully implemented over 8,000 leasing projects over 12 years of operation.

Machines for leasing - it's fast

The program "INTERMASH FINANCE" is aimed at customers interested in the shortest possible time for making a decision, including express leasing of equipment. The time for consideration of the application is only 3 days.

INTERMASH company together with Siemens Finance provides one of the most profitable offers in the market of machine tools leasing.

Advantages of Siemens Finance

One of the activities of the company is the leasing of machine-building and metalworking equipment, including the leasing of machine tools, financing of which is carried out taking into account the features of the client's business:

• Advance payment of 25%;
• Decision on the transaction - from 3 working days;
• Machines for leasing for a period of 12 months;
• Different variants of leasing payment schedules;
• The choice of the currency of financing - rubles, US dollars, euros;
• Expert support of transactions from the first consultation to the completion of the contract;
• Special offer with zero rate of appreciation;
• Absence of additional commissions and fees for the consideration of an application and the conduct of a transaction;
• MasterLeasing - the opportunity to open a "leasing line of credit" to attract investment as needed.

And in addition - when you purchase a machining center with a Siemens CNC system, you get special preferential terms from Siemens Finance.

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