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ERMAK machines are available for order with dierent power specifcations and feed rates, which, in combination with the possibility of equipping a machine with the 4th and 5th axes turret mechanism, allows machining the widest range of workpieces. The use of the spindle thermal stabilization system in combination with ceramic bearings, allows to minimize thermal deformations of the spindle unit, and thus to ensure a consistently high machining quality even with long cutting cycles.

• CNC Fanuc 0i MD;
• RS-232 interface;
• Cooling of the electrical cabinet;
• Cabinet-type protection of the working area;
• Flood-type coolant-cutting fluid system (4 bar);
• Automatic lubrication of guides;
• Coolant gun;
• Spindle cooling system (oil);
• Signal tricolor lamp;
• Spindle thermal stabilization system;
• Rigid tapping function;
• Purging of the spindle;
• Chip tray;
• Transformer;
• User's manual.

• Additional 4th axis (turret mechanism);
• Additional 5th axis (turret mechanism);
• 4th or 5th axis interface;
• Through spindle cooling (20 bar);
• Chip conveyor + chip tank;
• High-speed spindle;
• Renishaw tool geometric dimensioning system;
• Renishaw workpiece geometric dimensioning
• Increased capacity of the tool magazine;
• Heidenhain optical rulers;
• Oil and coolant separator;
• Oil mist collector;
• Direct drive instead of belt drive;
• Upgrade of the machine with metal-cutting
tools and attachments;
• SK or HSK spindle.
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