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Models of the Monza line DT - CENTURY EDITION ™ were completely modernized in order to achieve better ergonomics, better access to parts of the machine while servicing it, speeding up the reconfiguration process, and an innovative and elegant design of the machines was made.
Monza DT machines are designed for cutting and through grinding large parts, such as bearings, cylindrical parts, camshafts, etc. The design with the stationary center in combination with the automatic measuring system and automatic wheel balancing ensures high stability and reliability of the process.
All axial engines, including the drive motor of the driving circle, use DIGITAL DRIVES (converters). The grinding wheel motor is optionally equipped with a device for maintaining a constant peripheral speed (CSS), and a circle with automatic dynamic balancing directly on the machine (AWB).
The grinding head is made of thermally hardened electro-welded steel. Planting spindle of nitride steel - bronze bearings at both ends, oil mist with forced circulation of oil.
Machines with a full CNC version of the dressing of the circle can be equipped with a difficult profile of the circle directly on the machine using our latest graphical version of the CAD / CAM
All Monzesi machines have adapted intuitive software, on which it is easy to program and control through our HMI display, touch screen control technology and page monitoring. Our software in combination with design updates does not require expert training of operators, simplify and in some cases avoid the need for a high level of knowledge of operators in the analysis and adjustments of the machine.
Grinding wheel motor up to 100 kW
The height of the workpiece support is automatically controlled by the CNC and controlled by servomotors. It is a steel structure, equipped with a spring clip and pneumatic expansion. The system is protected against chip ingress.
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