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AMB - International Exhibition of Equipment and Technologies for the Metalworking Industry

Since the first exhibition, the AMB exhibition has grown steadily in size and popularity. The Stuttgart AMB is the leading trade fair for metalworking in southern Germany. The main areas of the exhibition are machine tools and equipment for machining and related tools.
The AMB 2016 attracted a total of 90,000 visitors. 1450 exhibitors from 33 countries once again presented a large number of new products, including some genuine world novelties.
According to 92% of the visitors AMB could not survive better. They rated the exhibition as "very good" or "good". 50% of visitors believe that AMB has become an even more important event for the metalworking industry. The participants also remained "more than satisfied" with the results of the exhibition. 90% definitely or probably would recommend AMB.

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Exhibition profiles:
Manufacturer and distributor of products
Cutting (drilling, boring, turning, milling, etc.) machines
Machines for thermal, electrochemical processing
Electric park, EDM
Precision Engineering
Measuring instruments and equipment for quality control
Robot, remote control technology for machines and plants
Software, computer equipment and peripherals
Components and accessories (lubrication / cooling, safety and environmental protection, electrical and electronic equipment for machine tools, etc.)
Related services (leasing, vocational training, special literature, trade unions, research institutes, etc.)

«Exhibitors of the exhibition represent industries such as automotive, electrical industry; Fine mechanics and optics; Manufacture of tools and molds; Aviation and cosmonautics; Production of steel, lightweight structures, vehicle construction; Shipbuilding; Metallurgy and others.
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